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Modern French cooking

French cuisine has traditionally had a global reputation for creating intricate and spectacular food using the finest of ingredients and techniques. In fact, French cuisine is extremely interesting both professional and amateur cooks as it represents some of the most challenging types of recipes for cooks. Alongside the precision and tradition of French cuisine, there is a growing movement of French chefs and cook who inject creativity and humor into their French dishes to achieve delicious and interesting takes on traditional dishes. This blog is all about modern French cooking and marries together traditional with the new French style to help inspire you to culinary heights.



Modern French cooking

    Avoid These Common Mistakes When Opening Your Own Bakery

    Opening your own bakery can be a fun prospect, as it means earning a living from a job you enjoy! However, remember that operating a bakery means running an actual business and not just baking for your friends and family for fun. If you've never worked in a bakery or managed any type of business before, note a few common mistakes you want to avoid so you're sure to have the most success.

    Why Is Pizza from a Wood-Fired Oven So Much Better?

    One of the best things about going to a pizza restaurant instead of cooking up everyone's favourite Italian dish at home is being able to savour a slice made in a traditional wood-fired oven. People tend to think that wood-fired ovens are just for show, a way for a restaurant the serves pizza to look more appealing. However, the appeal of wood-fired ovens goes even further for those who appreciate a good pizza.

    These 3 Things Will Get You a Consummate Digital Kitchen Scale

    Kitchen scales don't just help you get the accurate measurements of your ingredients. If someone in your home is on a strict diet, a kitchen scale will ensure they have the recommended proportions for their meals. Besides, some recipes may require you to measure the ingredients by their weight instead of the conventional volume. There are three main types of kitchen scales: balancing, mechanical, and digital. Digital scales are usually most revered for their accurate measurements, especially of small amounts.

    Four Healthy Finger Food Ideas For A Toddler's Birthday Party

    Food is a focal point for all parties, and providing a range of finger foods for kids to help themselves to at your toddler's birthday party can be less stressful and time-consuming than trying to orchestrate a sit-down meal. Kids can continue playing and having fun while stopping every now and then to eat something. A buffet table also gives parents at the party an opportunity to mingle and get to know each other.