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Modern French cooking

Why Is Pizza from a Wood-Fired Oven So Much Better?

by Stephen Williams

One of the best things about going to a pizza restaurant instead of cooking up everyone's favourite Italian dish at home is being able to savour a slice made in a traditional wood-fired oven. People tend to think that wood-fired ovens are just for show, a way for a restaurant the serves pizza to look more appealing.

However, the appeal of wood-fired ovens goes even further for those who appreciate a good pizza.

Better Heat Distribution

The main reason why pizza from a wood-fired oven tastes so much better is that heat is more evenly distributed. As you may have noticed, wood-fired ovens are typically left open on one side. This ensures that a current of air is always flowing through and moving the hot air around. At the same time, heat bounces off the interior walls and back onto the pizza. As a result, your crust will be crustier, your toppings will be crispier, and you won't find any soggy or undercooked areas. Every slice will be perfectly cooked across its entire length.

Smokier Flavour

One of the reasons people like to cook their meat above open flames as opposed to in an oven is that the smoke provides a richer flavour. The effect isn't quite as noticeable with pizza, but it's still there. When you cook using a wood-fired oven, a unique smoky flavour is imparted to the pizza, and it's hard to replicate that taste using a gas or electric oven.

More Wholesome Veggies

Apart from the fact that they make tastier pizzas, one of the reasons why wood-fired ovens tend to be preferred by restaurants is because they can cook a pizza very quickly. It's always nice to get your meal soon rather than later, but the real benefit faster cooking times hold over slower ones is that the vitamins and other nutrients in any vegetable toppings will be retained instead of cooked out, so your pizza will be healthier as well as tastier.

More Eco-Friendly

Finally, you'll enjoy eating your pizza more when you know it has been cooked in the most eco-friendly way possible. Instead of using gas or electricity, a wood-fired oven uses sustainable wood, and it consumes the same amount of fuel cooking a whole restaurant's worth of pizzas as it does cooking just one. This might not be reason alone to visit a restaurant with a wood-fired oven, but it sure is a nice thing to keep in mind.