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Modern French cooking

These 3 Things Will Get You a Consummate Digital Kitchen Scale

by Stephen Williams

Kitchen scales don't just help you get the accurate measurements of your ingredients. If someone in your home is on a strict diet, a kitchen scale will ensure they have the recommended proportions for their meals. Besides, some recipes may require you to measure the ingredients by their weight instead of the conventional volume.

There are three main types of kitchen scales: balancing, mechanical, and digital. Digital scales are usually most revered for their accurate measurements, especially of small amounts. However, for your digital kitchen scale to serve your needs perfectly, you need to invest in the correct type. For this reason, you will find these 3 things most useful when choosing one.

Bowl Type

A digital kitchen scale comes with either a built-in or removable bowl or tray. A kitchen scale with a removable bowl will make it easy for you to wash it (the bowl). You can also use your own mixing bowl or measuring cup with a removable-bowl digital kitchen scale, making cleaning less difficult and recipe preparation more convenient. The major benefit of the built-in bowl over its removable counterpart is that you don't get to worry about having incorrect measurements of your ingredients. That is, when you use your own mixing bowl on the scale, it will record the weight of the bowl too.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this. Buy a digital kitchen scale with a tare function. It's a function on the scale that takes into account the weight of the bowl. All you have to do is place your bowl on the scale before you start mixing your ingredients. With the tare function, you can then zero out this weight before adding and weighing your ingredients as usual.

Scale Capacity

There is a limit to which digital kitchen scales can read the weight of the foods placed on them. Choosing a scale that can handle a maximum of one kilogramme for foods weighing up to only ten grams and vice versa, for instance, is impractical. Therefore, consider the types of foods you intend to measure their weight and pick a scale suited for them. You can find lightweight scales for foods such as nuts and spices and heavyweight ones for whole poultry, meat, and other heavier foods.

Water Resistance

Hygiene is essential with any kitchen appliance. For some digital kitchen scales, you may have to keep them as dry as possible, which means cleaning them could be a challenge. You may want to stay away from those. Choose a scale that has some level of water resistance. Such models are often sealed to make them resistant to water. While this doesn't mean you should submerge them in a sink or basin full of water, you can wipe them down safely with a damp cloth. Water-resistant scales are also ideal for wet ingredients.