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French cuisine has traditionally had a global reputation for creating intricate and spectacular food using the finest of ingredients and techniques. In fact, French cuisine is extremely interesting both professional and amateur cooks as it represents some of the most challenging types of recipes for cooks. Alongside the precision and tradition of French cuisine, there is a growing movement of French chefs and cook who inject creativity and humor into their French dishes to achieve delicious and interesting takes on traditional dishes. This blog is all about modern French cooking and marries together traditional with the new French style to help inspire you to culinary heights.



Modern French cooking

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Opening Your Own Bakery

by Stephen Williams

Opening your own bakery can be a fun prospect, as it means earning a living from a job you enjoy! However, remember that operating a bakery means running an actual business and not just baking for your friends and family for fun. If you've never worked in a bakery or managed any type of business before, note a few common mistakes you want to avoid so you're sure to have the most success.

Commercial or wholesale suppliers

Buying raw ingredients from your local supermarket or even a warehouse style store can be good when you're baking for friends and family, but these places usually have the highest prices for those ingredients; this cost will quickly eat into your profit margin. Buying from commercial suppliers will ensure you get the biggest discount and that you can buy the bulk quantities needed to run a real bakery. Shop around for wholesale and commercial suppliers long before you open your doors, and be sure you keep comparison shopping even after you start your business. Many companies use a multiple-quote system, where you need to consistently get several quotes from different suppliers for the same items before ordering anything; if you don't do this, you can be overpaying for your items and missing out on quite a bit of profit.

Not considering delivery options

If you're going to sell items like wedding cakes or party trays, how will these be delivered? Thinking you can drive your own car or even a van can be a mistake, as these items need to be properly secured and kept cool, especially during the summer months. A refrigerated or insulated van is often needed for a bakery; if you don't want to invest in this vehicle for yourself, check around for local delivery companies that can accommodate baked goods. Be sure you have this service lined up before you take any such orders.

Never expanding your menu

You may have a few pastries and cakes that you love to bake and which are a big hit with customers, but even your most faithful customers may get a bit bored with the same options over and over again. It's good to always be browsing online, checking your competitors and even articles about the latest trends in wedding cakes and pastries. Try a few variations to your recipes, pastries from different countries or items like low-sugar or low-fat pastries, to expand your menu and keep your customers coming back for more.