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Modern French cooking

Why You Should Add Lolly Stations to Your Wedding Catering Business

by Stephen Williams

In recent years, lolly stations (also known as candy buffets) have become a very popular wedding catering addition. Alongside tasting great, they also add an eye-catching focal point to the reception and make an ideal substitute for traditional wedding favours. While there are many businesses out there that make these buffet bars their main business, lolly stations are also a great way for traditional caterers to expand their business. Here are three reasons why you should consider branching out into confectionery buffets.

You'll Get Plenty of Bookings

While some catering add-on options can be hit and miss, lolly stations are consistently a hit with brides and grooms. That's because they offer so many benefits. First off, they help make any reception a success; the allure of picking and mixing your own sweet treat selection will put smiles on the faces of guests of all ages. On top of that, since modern wedding receptions tend to be an all-day affair, sugary lolly buffets help keep guests' energy up while the party continues on. And, as an added bonus, they can also be used as a substitute for putting together time-consuming wedding favours. Since lolly stations kill multiple birds with one stone, you'll have no problem securing bookings on your lolly stations once you start offering them.

They're Cheap and Easy to Set Up

When it comes to branching out your catering business, many of the possible expansion options can be expensive. For example, if you want to add a new type of cuisine to your menu, you'll need to fork out for specialist cooking classes. Likewise, if you want to grow by taking on more bookings, you'll need to spend money hiring more staff. Lolly stations, on the other hand, can be set up on a very low budget. You only need to invest in three things to get started: the confectionery itself, wholesale lolly supplies (like scoops and jars) and décor (like tablecloths and a centrepiece). There's no specialist knowledge needed, and stations can often be set up in a few minutes, bringing down labour costs. There are few easier and cheaper ways to make bigger catering profits than with lolly station.

You Can Add Other Stations

Once you've gotten to grips with your lolly station, you can grow your catering business even further by adding other easy and profitable buffet snack stations. There are so many options available, from afternoon tea stations to charcuterie stations. You can even tailor them to your specific catering menu—adding a nacho station to a Mexican catering business, for example. Since stations are always quick and affordable to set up, there's no limit to how many different options you can offer, giving you plenty of room to broaden your profitability and make more money.