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Modern French cooking

5 Spicy Seafood Dishes You Must Try

by Stephen Williams

If you love both seafood and spicy dishes, you don't have to stick to classic yet common dishes, such as prawn curry, when you go out to eat, especially if you're going to a restaurant that specialises in seafood. There are a number of specialty spicy seafood dishes available that offer unique flavour combinations and allow you the opportunity to broaden your palate while still enjoying some of your favourite ingredients. Here's an overview of five spicy seafood dishes that are worth looking out for:

Coconut Seafood Soup

This creamy soup has a kick to it and is a good option as a starter or light lunch. Coconut milk is infused with ginger, lemongrass, bird's-eye chillies, fish sauce and kaffir lime leaves. A mixture of seafood, including clams, squid and mussels, are gently cooked in the spicy broth, and the soup is garnished with fresh coriander just before serving.

Spicy Orange Shrimp

Fresh shrimp are coated in a seasoned batter made with cornflour and egg whites before being pan-fried until the batter is crispy. The shrimp are added to a sticky, spicy sauce made with fresh orange juice, red pepper flakes and soy sauce. Enjoy this flavourful dish with rice and seasonal vegetables.

Chilli Mussels In White Wine

This dish can be enjoyed with linguine or crusty bread to mop up the sauce, which is made with dry white wine, vine-ripened tomatoes, lemon juice and fresh parsley. The heat comes from the inclusion of sliced red chillies, and fennel seeds add an aniseed flavour that complements the delicate flavour of the mussels.

Oyster And Crab Gumbo

Gumbo is similar to a stew and originated in the American state of Louisiana. All gumbo recipes include onions, celery and bell peppers along with a variety of aromatic herbs, such as thyme and basil. This dish gets its heat from red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper and has a satisfyingly thick texture, thanks to the addition of okra. Shelled oysters and fresh crab add a subtle sweetness to the dish, and gumbo is best enjoyed with boiled rice.

Grilled Caribbean Tuna

For this dish, tuna steaks are coated in a zesty, spicy rub made with lime juice, cayenne pepper, cumin, ginger and coriander. The tuna is grilled to your personal preference and served with leafy greens. This is a summery dish that's ideal as a main meal but light enough to allow you to enjoy a dessert.

These are just a few examples of spicy seafood dishes that are a little more exciting than a prawn curry. Next time you visit a seafood restaurant, check the menu for these dishes, or ask your server to recommend a dish that packs a fiery punch. For more information, contact a business such as Maisie's Seafood & Steakhouse.