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French cuisine has traditionally had a global reputation for creating intricate and spectacular food using the finest of ingredients and techniques. In fact, French cuisine is extremely interesting both professional and amateur cooks as it represents some of the most challenging types of recipes for cooks. Alongside the precision and tradition of French cuisine, there is a growing movement of French chefs and cook who inject creativity and humor into their French dishes to achieve delicious and interesting takes on traditional dishes. This blog is all about modern French cooking and marries together traditional with the new French style to help inspire you to culinary heights.



Modern French cooking

How to Feed a Lot of People on a Low Budget

by Stephen Williams

If you are hosting an event where people will be expecting something to eat, then the costs can soon spiral out of control. In order to keep a lid on your expenditure, the first thing you need to consider is whether professional help will be able to do the job cheaper for you than you can for yourself. Although professional catering firms will charge you, they are often able to bring savings as a result of economies of scale. Indeed, their catering equipment will be adequate for a large crowd, and your own kitchen might not be. 

Nevertheless, if you do decide to go it alone, then take guidance from the tips below. The tips can also help you lower catering costs if you decide you need professional help.

Limit Choice

By far the cheapest way of keeping control of a catering budget is to only offer one thing on the menu. In modern Australia, however, you will usually need to confirm whether this is possible because someone attending your event might have a special diet. If you do have an alternative option for some attendees, then try to find out how many of these dishes you might need in advance and only offer a single option to the rest of the group.

Fill Your Guests Up

By offering food that fills your stomach up and gives you a feeling or having eaten enough, you are able to lower your portion sizes. This will mean both less food and less waste overall. Filling foods are really best described as those which are packed with carbohydrates. Therefore, bread rolls, rice dishes, cereals and crackers are all good foodstuffs to have on your menu. Starchy vegetables are also good options. Select potatoes and sweet corn as accompaniments to your main dish to get your guests feeling adequately fed without spending too much. Freeze-dried pasta is another excellent way of feeding many people because it takes little effort to cook and is very filling.

Use Unusual Cuts of Meat

If you are serving meat, then steer clear of the usual cuts which normally have a premium price attached to them. Skirt of beef is often regarded as an inferior steak meat, but it is delicious, especially when cooked slowly in a tasty sauce. Offal is another low-cost option for feeding guests meat that means you get a lot of bang for your buck. For example, faggots are an easy-to-prepare Welsh meatball made from pork offal and are great when served with pasta or vegetables.